ABOUT KQDynasty Beauty Agency


KQDynasty, Established in 2018, was created to empower both Queens and Kings.  Providing the ultimate royalty experience through our services, we strive for one to express their individuality and feel confident while doing so. 


Services :

KQD offers nail, makeup, and photography services in which each service is designed to make one feel beautiful and empowered.  

Beauty TEAM

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Director & Photography


Captis Photography’s mission is to capture the moments that one will treasure for a lifetime.   Removing limitations on creativity and bringing our client’s vision to life while providing a comfortable, ego boosting environment. 

Raw Beauty Artistry

Raw Beauty artistry

Makeup Artist & Nail Tech


The application of makeup is my talent, allowing for one to feel beautiful is my gift. A simple enhancement of one's beauty through makeup allows for one to gain unmatched confidence.

Promoter & Hosting


KQDynasty -

KQD Promotion Team


KQDynasty Beauty all cover beauty brand that has you cover from your Crown to your heels. We offer beauty and Health Products as will as Beauty services.