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Beauty Though Health

Cosmetics (Beauty) to enhance ones appearance!!!

In this articles we will discuss how your health above all else is most important, the rest(Beauty) comes in time with proper self-care!

“Health; before Beauty"

step 1: Health from within; feed and nourish the body and it will be reflected in your outward appearance.

when a person has that glow, when it seems as if their skin illuminates. it naturally captures the attention of others. beauty begins within. educate yourself regarding the Cosmetics Products you use, know how they will affect your health over time. the glow of good health. Something to think about, and act on.

understanding the basics,

  • what is health?

  • what is beauty?

Cosmetic Health (Toxics Build-Up in Body)

when to much of a good thing turns bad, the items we use (cleaning supplies, lotions, etc.) and unhealthy foods we eat (saturated fats, sugar etc.) build up in the body resulting in increased toxins in the body that reflect in your skin.

Our bodies are greatly affected by what products we apply, specifically SYNTHETIC MAN MADE CHEMICAL COMPOUNDs and/or ORGANIC ingredients.

Sadly, when it come to our own personal internal environment, we can’t pick up an move. therefore the house (body) that we were blessed with.

rules to remember

Simple Products

Keep it simple. the fewer ingredients the better.


the Cosmetic Industry is unregulated. so do you due diligence and research the products ingredients. look for products that don’t have toxic compounds. read labels!

Get involved

look up beauty forums, research articles that cover the topics of reducing toxic exposure, join groups that want to change how the major companies create products for consumer use.

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