Hacks For Dried Up Mascara

Is your favorite mascara running out but you don’t feel like going to store at the moment? No worries girl, I’ve been there as well, especially with Rona in the air! Here are some safe tricks to help you make it through the hard times until you go to the store.

Use eyedrops or contact lenses solution to help revive the dried up mascara. In this instance, a little bit goes a long way, in which you only need about two to three drops within the mascara tube. Switch it around a couple of times and there you go!

You can also sit the tube of mascara in a hot cup or water to help loosen up the dried mascara. With caution, heat up a cup of water in the microwave for three minutes. Carefully remove it from the microwave with a towel and place it on the counter. Lodge the tube of mascara into the water and place a lid or plate over the top. By doing so, the inside of the tube will begin to perspire and approximately three minutes later, it will be ready for use.

Another simple trick is to put a drop or two of aloe vera gel into the mascara tube. Shake it really well and your mascara will be smoother than ever girl! Comment below and let me know what you think!

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