My Go To Makeup Tips for 2020

1. Do your eyeshadow/eye makeup first to avoid potential fall out from messing up your foundation, concealer, etc.

2. Want fuller lashes? Apply translucent powder to your lashes to allow for them to appear fuller and fluffier. Then go back over your lashes with mascara and there you go!

3. Apply castor oil to your brows, lashes, and anything else you want to grow lol. Castor oil is the truth girl! Apply it consistently for approximately 2 months and check the difference sis!

4. Having trouble picking an eyeshadow color? Think opposites! Opposite colors work very well for eyeshadows because it allows for it to stand out more. However, colors with similar hues are always a must and are even better when wanting to make an aesthetic gradient.

5. Wet that beauty blender sis! When I tell you doing this trick will work miracles for your makeup?! Trust me when I say this! Your foundation and concealer will blend better, allowing for a more seamless appearance. You may also find that by doing this, you will need to apply less product; thus, allowing for your makeup to last you longer!

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