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Toxic Ingredients

Cosmetic Health Products

Using Cosmetics Products

Cosmetics, we use them everyday, even without thinking about it. We use these products not knowing how they are made or what they are made of. In addition, We want these product to help with a problem. This is what the Environmental Working Group (EWG) are tasked with, educating consumers on the content of Cosmetic Products for Health and Beauty.

On average

  • Women use 12 products

  • Men use 6 products

Beauty though Health Article

The application of cosmetic products has allowed for active ingredients to help with problems areas on one's skin. Letting this happen has led to numerous decline of skin problems over the years. On the other side there has been a lack of informed and complete description of ingredients for consumers queries and reviews. Consumers are left wondering what cosmetic products are and what effect the use of active ingredients has.

Read the Labels

"All labels, aren’t TRUE!"

When seeking cosmetic products for health or beauty, check for healthy, nontoxic ingredients because the FDA doesn’t have the resources to monitor harmful chemicals used in cosmetics.

FDA is U.S. Food and Drug Administration

It's simple to bring a cosmetic product to the market because the FDA doesn’t enforce premarket approval. Also, the FDA can't recall dangerous cosmetic products.

It's important that you the costumer be best informed on the cosmetic brands and products that are healthy and safe for you and your family. The toxic chemical being used in some cosmetic products on the market currently range from hair products to feet products.

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